Event Prep

Party Pleasers can help you pull your event design together. We offer layout and logistical planning to bring your creative vision to life.

How do we make that happen? First we do a site review with you to discuss your needs. Next we talk about the vision and goal you have for your upcoming event.

Some things we may ask are:

  • Where does the dance floor go?
  • Where are the restrooms?
  • Are there concerns about high traffic areas?
  • Can guests easily get around the tables and sitting areas?
  • Do you want areas to mingle?
  • Are there heating or cooling concerns that we need to address?
  • Will there be a bar, and is one sufficient? etc.

Virtual Walkthrough

After a thorough site review with your event rental professional, we then design a layout using our CAD system. Party Pleasers will be able to show you 3-D renderings of your event and even let you walk through it in a virtual reality tour on our computers. Our process will give you the peace of mind that your site can accommodate your guests comfortably, and the assurance that your event will go exactly as planned.