Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get in contact with you to start planning my event?

Once your date and location are finalized we can start the planning. Early reservations are encouraged to ensure that everything you need or want is available. The venue you choose plays a huge part in what decisions you make for rentals.

Where do you guys deliver?

We deliver to Ventura, Santa Barbara and portions of Los Angeles counties.

Can we pick up our rental items?

Of course you can. Give us enough notice to get the stuff ready and you are more than welcome to swing by and grab what you need. Some of our larger items require our truck delivery.

Can we come see the stuff in person?

We would love that! We suggest making an appointment to get the attention that you deserve, but if you want to stop by during showroom hours feel free to come in.

Once we sign a contract with you can we make adjustments?

You betcha. You can make as many (or as few) adjustments as you need on in stock items up to two weeks before delivery, before the contract balance comes due.

I’m looking for something specific, but I don’t see it in on your website.

We have tons of new stuff coming in every day. If we don’t have it we are happy to help you find it.

What if I need to cancel my event?

Sometimes life just happens! If you need to cancel your event, 25% of the contract total is non-refundable upon reserving. As the event date approaches, a higher percentage of the contract total becomes non-refundable. Feel free to contact us for more details or refer to your executed contract.

Shoot, what if something I have rented gets damaged?

We get it, things happen. If you accept the Equipment Protection Plan and the damage is accidental we will cover it as long as it isn’t a one of a kind piece or a contracted item. If it’s not covered, we will try to fix it or we will charge you the replacement cost.